Free training opportunities available via Possie Vibrations Project.

Announcement Portsmouth , Dominica, September 9, 2014: Possie Vibrations Community Radio Station through The UNESCO IPDC Programme for the Development of Communication project “Community Radio Engendering Community Cohesion and Development” invites interested individuals to register for training programs in the following areas: • production and broadcast skills for radio, journalism, investigative journalism and news gathering, women and children programming • Radio Station Management and Production to include Production Sound & music Policies and Procedures, News , Broadcast Journalism and Documentary Production . Interested individuals may register with Possie Vibrations by applying through the following contact details. Deadline for registration is September 26th 2014 Contact: Ashton Riviere Portsmouth Community Watch Foundation Phone 767-616-1512 Derierre La Rosin Portsmouth Dominica

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UNESCO Grants US $ 20,000.00 to Portsmouth Community Watch Foundation

Possie Vibrations Community Radio Project to be direct beneficiary of UNESCO US $20,000.00 (EC $ 53,000.00) grant. Portsmouth , Dominica, September 9, 2014: The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation has, through the framework of its “International Programme for the Development of Communication” project on “Community Radio Engendering Community Cohesion and Development” , approved […]

Church Sound: Reconfiguring Your existing speakers for better listening

Your beautiful worship sanctuary is also an “echo chamber”—a less than ideal acoustic environment. Meanwhile, your sound system is also far from ideal, perhaps purchased from the local music store mostly because the price was “right.” Your task, and “no” is not an option: provide intelligible sound to the entire congregation. Even if the musicians […]

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