Church Sound: Reconfiguring Your existing speakers for better listening

MackieChurchSys-1024x512Your beautiful worship sanctuary is also an “echo chamber”—a less than ideal acoustic environment. Meanwhile, your sound system is also far from ideal, perhaps purchased from the local music store mostly because the price was “right.”

Your task, and “no” is not an option: provide intelligible sound to the entire congregation. Even if the musicians and Pastor/Priest/Minister are the best, how many folks will continue to attend when they can only understand every other word?

You might be aware that acoustic treatment, properly implemented, can work wonders, and/or you’re wishing to hire a qualified acoustic consultant to provide assistance. Or maybe you’re even longing for the “latest and greatest” line array loudspeakers that seem to be all the rage these days.

There’s only one tiny, problem with any of these solutions: The church simply doesn’t have the funds right now for any of them!

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