About Possie Vibrations

Possie Vibrations aims to serve as a tool for positive change in Portsmouth through community awareness, discussion and debate.

Through cooperative efforts, by and with community stakeholders, we seek to foster and promote the safety, security, peace of mind, tranquility, and overall quality of life of members of our community.
To develop positive physical, social, and psychological environments and conditions within the community,  to educate members of the community on how to address and combat undesirable and antisocial  activities and to encourage community effort to develop safe and secure surroundings for its inhabitants.

We strive to deepen the commitment of citizens in the community to dedicate themselves to maintain mutual respect for their neighbors and safely protect their personal rights to freedom of unthreatened livelihood in the community.

We realize that in the achievement of these goals communication is a most important tool and this is the reason for the existence  of our Community Radio Station, “Possie Vibrations”.

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