DAIC to hold Business Recovery Expo


Roseau, Dominica – January 24, 2018: The most important business expo for the private sector in Dominica after the passage of Hurricane Maria takes place February 21st, 2018, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, at Palm Cottage located on the Corner of Victoria Street and High Street, Roseau.

Executive Director of the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce (DAIC), Lizra Fabien, advised that the DAIC Business Recovery Expo: “Inform. Connect. Protect” seeks to equip businesses’ with greater ability and the tools to make SMARTer decisions, establish network and support capacity that can be reliably relied on by businesses’, and to augment businesses’ capacity to protect themselves through improved skills and knowledge on advanced disaster risk reduction..

The Expo is designed as a highly informative, interactive, creative and enjoyable event targeting all business owners and business managers in Dominica. Presentations include key topics of Business Recovery; Marketing Strategies; Creative Financing; Innovation, Technology & Energy from experienced and knowledgeable speakers from within and outside the country; product and service exhibits by financial, insurance, construction, and consulting firms which will create more value for the private sector; and enhanced opportunities for networking and forging relevant collaborations amongst fellow businesses.

Dav-Ernan Kowlessar, Head of Operations, Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce (CAIC), leads a powerhouse list of expert speakers from various fields acknowledged as critical to the building of a more resilient private sector in Dominica. Kowlessar’s topic, “Increasing Business Resiliency to Maximize Opportunities” opens up the floor to the direction of the Expo
“We want all business owners and managers to attend and most importantly, engage.

This is definitely a key Expo to attend as “knowledge is power” and applying this knowledge for enhanced operations and resiliency is invaluable. There is tremendous strength in collaboration and DAIC wishes to create this platform for participants and attendees,” enthused Fabien.

DAIC is partnering with international strategic and creative consulting firm, Madhausx, who will provide creative and strategic muscle for the planning, promotion and execution of the Expo, ensuring it is innovative, fun, and transformative.

DAIC encourages students, start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs to attend this Expo.

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