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Global Internet Content Providers Turn Attention to Caribbean Facebook, Google, Akamai coming for CarPIF 2

By Gerard Best WILLEMSTAD, Curacao—Much ink has been spilt and many hands wrung over how slow and expensive the Internet is in the Caribbean. The latest snapshot from ICT Pulse, for example, is a reminder of the price paid and pain felt by those subscribing to regional service providers’ fixed Internet broadband packages. But Internet woes are much more than just a personal inconvenience to individual citiz ...

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Church Sound: Reconfiguring Your existing speakers for better listening

Your beautiful worship sanctuary is also an “echo chamber”—a less than ideal acoustic environment. Meanwhile, your sound system is also far from ideal, perhaps purchased from the local music store mostly because the price was “right.” Your task, and “no” is not an option: provide intelligible sound to the entire congregation. Even if the musicians and Pastor/Priest/Minister are the best, how many folks will ...

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